Tissellator is a Java program. It consists of a single file with extension jar, that runs on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers (having a 64-bit processor).

Download the program by clicking on this link: tissellator.jar , and write down the download directory.


For the execution of Tissellator you need a Java Runtime environment (JRE) of version 1.8 or higher. You can check the JRE version in a command prompt (see also below) by entering the command: java -version. If you do not have Java yet on your computer, please install the latest version of Java for free via the website .
Note that Tissellator does NOT run in a browser; it is programmed in Java, not javascript.


Tissellator is a standalone java program that needs a JRE, mentioned above. The execution of Tissellator depends a bit on your computer. Basically, start a terminal window in the directory where you downloaded tissellator.jar ; then, enter the command:  java -jar tissellator.jar


Open a Command Prompt, for example by clicking the start button, end typing cmd . In the Command Prompt type:

    cd 'that-download-directory'
    java -jar tissellator.jar


Open a Shell Prompt, for example by selecting Applications / System Tools / Terminal. In the Shell Prompt type:

    cd 'that-download-directory'
    java -jar tissellator.jar


Run the Terminal app, which is located in "Applications/Utilities/". Type the following commands into the terminal:

    cd 'that-download-directory'
    java -jar tissellator.jar


For any questions, comments, bug reports, please contact me at:

Release history

2021-09-17  Release 1.3

Added 11 circle tessellations.
Added 'color scheme' for some spiral tessellations and all circle tessellations.
Bug fixes.

2021-08-21  Release 1.2

Added spiral IH1b, and renamed spiral IH1 to IH1a.
Improved point selection; bug fixes.

2021-08-07  Release 1.1

Added spiral IH1.

2021-07-23  Release 1.0

Initial Release.