Tissellator is a Java program. It consists of a single file with extension jar, that runs on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers (having a 64-bit processor). The steps below are also addressed in this youtube video.

Download the program by clicking the left mouse button on this URL : tissellator.jar , and write down the download directory.
If that does not work, then hover above the URL of tissellator.jar, right-click the mouse, and select the 'Save Link As ...' option to store the file on your computer.
Perhaps a warning is given that the downloaded file might be harmful. Please, select to keep the file: it does not contain any malware. Optionally, have it checked by your virus scanner.


For the execution of Tissellator you need a Java Runtime environment (JRE) of version 1.8 or higher. You can check the JRE version in a command prompt (see also below) by entering the command: java -version. If you do not have Java yet on your computer, please install the latest version of Java for free via the website .
Note that Tissellator does NOT run in a browser; it is not a Java applet, and not javascript.


Tissellator is a standalone java program that needs a JRE, mentioned above. The execution of Tissellator depends a bit on your computer. Basically, start a terminal window in the directory where you downloaded tissellator.jar ; then, enter the command:  java -jar tissellator.jar


(1) Select the file tissellator.jar in the Explorer, and click the Right Mouse Button. Then, in the context menu select 'Open'.

(2) As an alternative, open a Command Prompt, for example by clicking the start button, end typing cmd . In the Command Prompt type:

    cd 'that-download-directory'
    java -jar tissellator.jar


Open a Shell Prompt, for example by selecting Applications / System Tools / Terminal. In the Shell Prompt type:

    cd 'that-download-directory'
    java -jar tissellator.jar


Run the Terminal app, which is located in "Applications/Utilities/". Type the following commands into the terminal:

    cd 'that-download-directory'
    java -jar tissellator.jar


For any questions, comments, bug reports, please contact me at:

Release history

2023-09-28  Release 1.9.2

Added square and hexagon fractal tessellations including Escher's Square Limit.
Added non-periodic tessellations Vierstein and the chiral monotile Spectre.
Bug fixes.

2023-04-15  Release 1.8

Added non-periodic tessellations, including Penrose and Einstein.
Added backups at zooming.
Added circle inversion for background image.
Bug fixes.

2022-04-26  Release 1.7

Added hyperbolic circle inversion.
Added tessellation types IH10, IH11, IH16, IH21M, IH29, IH34, IH36, IH62, IH90.
Added hyperbolic transformation for IH10, IH11, IH16, IH21M, IH28, IH29, IH34, IH36, IH62, IH71, IH90.
Move corner improvements for IH6, IH21, IH27, IH41/IH43/IH47, IH51, IH53, IH66.
Added (optional) command logging.
Bug fixes.

2022-01-07  Release 1.6

Added transformation to a Poincaré disk having hyperbolic geometry.
Added tessellation configuration IH79MCE.
Added three new settings: color of outline, radius for point selection, and radius for corner selection.
Added 'mirror point' (in IH12, IH13, IH66, and IH79MCE) replacing 'intermediate point'.
Added multiplier for poly spiral transformation.
Move corner improvements.
Bug fixes.

2021-12-02  Release 1.5

Added multi spiral transformation and sphere spiral transformation.
Added animations for circle and spiral transformations.
Bug fixes.

2021-11-14  Release 1.4

Added circle and spiral transformations for arbitrary background images.
Added circle and spiral transformations for (multi) tessellated images.
Added toggle point mode in menu and by Shift mouse click.
Added delete point by Control mouse click.
Check size of input image for creating (multi) tessellation.
Added global exception handler.
Bug fixes.

2021-09-17  Release 1.3

Added 11 circle tessellations.
Added 'color scheme' for some spiral tessellations and all circle tessellations.
Bug fixes.

2021-08-21  Release 1.2

Added spiral IH1b, and renamed spiral IH1 to IH1a.
Improved point selection; bug fixes.

2021-08-07  Release 1.1

Added spiral IH1.

2021-07-23  Release 1.0

Initial Release.